couple of things I am embarrassed about - getting personal up in hurr

1. I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer a tad too much. I don't like it. I love it. I often imagine what different characters would think in a given situation. I think in quotes from the show. I name drop Joss Whedon constantly. I worry about whether or not Buffy and Spike will get together next comic season. I have cried several times in several episodes (most notably, The Body, The Gift, Seeing Red, Innocence, etc). I wait anxiously for new updates of my favorite fics. I could watch the show on repeat for the rest of my life.
the gift/seeing red       
        1(a) I am also very embarrased by the fact that I think that Spike and Buffy share one of the greatest loves of all time, and how much I obsessed over the fact that they should be together. 

please, Joss, please! they so belong together. 

2. On a related note, I get too obsessed with other TV shows and spend way too much time watching them.
3. Sometimes, I search the tag "thinspiration" on Tumblr and look at the pictures of anorexic girls who are trying so hard to look like me. I am both fascinated by the girls that are too skinny and I feel superior to the ones who look like me but had to try so hard to do so. When I do this, I try to be eating something fatty and gross at the same time. It makes me chuckle.

haha this bitch probably hates me.

4. Sometimes I pick my nose. And I don't shower everyday either.
5. I am not as smart or as interesting as everyone thinks I am. I don't read enough. I am also not as self-confident as I make it seem.

you will always be capt mal to me, nathan. 

6. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to tell people about how fucked my family is. This also makes me feel very guilty.
7. The fact that I kind of maybe very slightly possibly really do want to be one of those incredibly boring but hot hipsters who seem to get laid a lot.

ugh why can't i be a slight, dainty, american-apparel wearing, septum-piercing sporting, tatted-up hot girl?

8. My vagina for reasons I won't discuss. :(

That's it! I thought the list would be longer YAY. But I'm a pretty horrible person, uh?


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