rager on a friday night

It is Friday night and I have made the “decision” of staying in. It's not like there's nothing to do; I was invited to TWO different things. This is a lot for Uruguay winter. I don't feel like a grown-up staying in, I feel like a grandmother.
Other things that make me feel like a grandmother?

and not like these cool bitches either

I get dizzy every time I get up, it feels like I'm on percocet (without the, you know, fun part)
I have to drink Ensure to keep my weight up (woe is me, right? But that shit tastes gross)
My gums bleed every single fucking time I brush my teeth
I have a terrible, been-smoking-for-40-years cough
I am tired, like, all of the times. All of them.

laugh it up, giles. you asshole. 

But I decided to stay in because I don't feel exotic any more. Let me walk you through this insane logic that I have: When I was in the States, even my name was weird. People would be all shocked and surprised and impressed that I was from a small South American country.

like the gay one from nina sky.

“But your parents are American?” No. “But you have lived here since you were little?” No. “Oh wow, you are zooo cooooufllfll” Lalala. Here, I am one more girl with a weird fashion sense and a bitch face on. No one new ever talks to me because I'm old and jaded and pale. I have only had ONE come on the whole time I have been here, from a dude. An old one. And not even at a club, it was walking down the street and I felt dirty.

So, I am not interesting here. I often miss pop culture references, I don't get jokes, and I even make numerous mistakes in Spanish. I feel like a foreigner with no personality. I have nothing to talk about. So I stayed in, because, why am I going out to spend money getting drunk when I can do that here in my house. I bought a flask of whiskey. It is now gone yeeeeeaaaayyyy!

But mostly, LESBIHONEST, my ex was going to be there. Outside, I mean. And I really want to be the person who doesn't give a shit and that can be okay with being around their ex, specially because it's been a month, but running into her every time I force myself to leave my house is not pleasant, having to actually will-power myself into not checking her Facebook isn't either. So I stayed in and deleted her from Facebook which may be childish but I'm too depressed to give a fuck. I'm thinking of getting rid of Facebook altogether. I have most definitely become an internet addict during the past month. I spend countless hours reading and re reading boring posts and news. I don't even read interesting things, or fiction, or watch good movies. I have recently gotten into Pretty Little Liars, for fuck's sake.

they *do* have gays
I rarely eat, I don't read, I don't even listen to music because it makes me feel too much. Whenever my friends are over I sometimes stop listening to what they say and stare at the walls. I do that when I'm watching TV too, all by myself. I'm actually trying to fool myself, by having a plate of food in front of me or talking on the phone or something.

I have a list of things I have to do. If I'm lucky, I'll do one thing a day. Today, I picked up my boots from the boot guy. I also washed the dishes, so that's two things. I didn't send off my resume, and I didn't shower. I slept for 13 hours last night, and then I took a two hour nap. It is time to sleep again.

Next time I'll tell you about the time I almost died two weeks ago. 

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