It is Sunday. It is Sunday and I am at work. Doing nothing. I'm listening to this mix from 8tracks, because with a name like that, who wouldn't trust it?

i google image searched "indie fucks" but nothing cool came up

Since the last time I wrote, three important things have happened. Well, they each have different degrees of importance, but my life is seriously so monotonous that these events shook some ground. 

Firstly, in chronological order, I am no longer ***like a virgin*** anymore. My 10-month long dry spell has ended. I am now back on the horse. Fucking the horse? Ew. Nah, just on it.
Secondly, I have developed yet another rash on my chest. This time around it cannot be from the sun 'cause I stayed away from that bitch for the past month like it was the plague. My mom, the ever vicarious hypochondriac, thinks the rash is serious because it could be in my insides too. Which is sort of ridiculous, but I still have to go to the doctor because the stupid rash is getting worse and influencing some top fashion choices. And it's itchy and annoying. 

And, thirdly, a possible cause for my rash, I got into the University of Stockholm for a master's program in cinematography. So that's what I'll be doing in September. Motherfucker, yay! I still don't have much more information, not even when classes start, so try to contain your obvious excitement for me until I have shit more figured out. I've already been snooping on the internet about rent costs in Stockholm and shit is not looking good. But at least I start learning Swedish tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes...

But here's the deal: I don't feel much excitement over this. Well, I don't feel much of anything, and I have become convinced my pills are not working/making me worse. I've been taking crazy people pharmaceuticals for NINE years. NINE. And if there is such a time to quit taking my medication it is now, because I still have time home to see that, if I feel super horribly shitty and need to get back on them, I can. But I really want to do this. There has to be another way. I have no motivation as it is right now. Maybe doing something different will change something, start a spark, and I can do things.
See just now, I felt so blah about this whole blog entry that I want to delete it. But I won't. 

I'm smelly.