What comes after Sunday?

Dudes! I am so sorry I didn't write for a while. I mean, no one else is sorry, but I am. Writing (on blogs) helps me with my shit. But, so it happens I haven't had much “shit” lately, which just reinforces my theory that only pain produces any sort of worthwhile writing. 

That, or drugs.

But I just had spring break, and it was awesome. I went to the city and spent too much money on alcohol but it was fucking worth it. I promised myself that one day I will live in New York, at least for a couple of years.

From a cab cross the Brooklyn bridge.

On the days I was lazy I watched the new season of skins. It is pretty good, although the kids seem much much younger now. The Frankie chick is hot and really queer, so that's nice. But nothing will compare to the last generation... so much hot teenage sex... grr.


Anyway, I had a lot of good conversations while on break. My and my friend Margaret discussed how ridiculous old professors are, and how they think that the internet is evil and how it's fucking up our “communication”. Fuck off, old bat, I can speak to my mother every day who is in Uruguay. They also think that their bullshit revolution is still relevant. No, sir, our revolution is being made on blogs, stencil art, and dance floors, on a personal level, because your grand cultural social revolution created more questions than it answered and so now we are stuck with your emotional baggage and bills. I know you wear an earring and think you're 'with it' but you really ain't.

And then Margaret and I shared some heavy shit and it made me feel great that I have so many wonderful friends in so many places, but also sad that I can't see them all everyday. I stayed with many friends, some new and some old. The last couple of days have been fabulous and hilarious and full of Rebecca Black jokes.

I also ran into * literally ran into * one of the first friends I made in America and have always been in love with. She is squatting in Brooklyn. It made me happy to see her and to see that people can still live off the grid in a city like New York. However, a lot of things about her life made me not so happy. But we had dinner and we laughed and her dog was super cute and she met some of my friends. She said she is very glad I have many wonderful people in my life. I told her she should get some herself.

Friends like these two.

My friends each have a little piece of me and I am never ever going to be complete until we all move into a big house by the beach. Deal? Deal.

Vamo' questarde

Then, after watching the muppets show when I was hanging out with the cutest fucking little boy in all of history, I had awesome dreams about Lil Jon being a host in the muppets show. And also how Mos Def invited and drove me to a party. I am really popular in my dreams.

Marry me, Mos

Anyway, I found THIS today. I wrote it a while ago, and I was asleep. Every once in a while I literally write while I am completely asleep. There's also a bit about a kid named Jake driving up to a camp in Vermont. I'll try to make that into a story.
Here it is:

Suddenly, this stupid laser-like beam thing comes full throttle into your eyeball and messes with your concentration, even if your eyelids are closed, this defiant attitude, you know, I can't see you, i'm probably asleep. Kindly fuck off. Blinding light after a nice continuity of heavy summer foliage shielding your eyes, keeping your soul all brooding and in the perfect mood for soulful trip-hop music. Suddenly, the sunshine reminds you, aw fuck, must be happy. Your body reacts with violent burst of energy, the summer is here, and you must go outside. Vitamin D is calling.
What am I doing?


Anyway, today is terrible and grey and FUCKING SNOWING AGAIN. It's the first day of spring, man! Come onnnnn argrghghsghagfpnrkuga. I have much much work to do, but I am feeling pretty happy and nice and warm so whatever! Have a good day!


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  1. "only pain produces any sort of worthwhile writing."

    Word. ¡Yo tengo un pedazo de vos también! Te quiero, volvééééé.