In the past 48 hours I have listened to Chromeo ft. Elly Jackson - Hot Mess (right click for download) like 20 times. And if you know how many hours of those 48 I have been in class/work/sleeping, the number is pretty impressive.
Like all La Roux songs, or any song that La Roux is featured at any point, this song is freaking amazing! Be sure to check out all of the remixes on hypem.com. There is also a new song by Kanye called My Bitch.  A wonderfully feminist title, that one. Thanks Kanye for making it so easy to love you.

I'm never going to get over this, am I?

Friday we had  a party, themed "Cowboys vs. Aliens". It was a success in the sense that I truly looked like an actual alien, which is a bit disheartening. Too convincing. After the party I almost died from back pain, I need a doctor #LORDOFTHEDANCE. When I was 12, I almost broke my back, and was in pain for years after that. It's starting to come back. At the time, my doctor said my injury was incurable and I just had to deal with the pain. THIS IS HOW PEOPLE GET ADDICTED TO THINGS.

In television news: me and jwife finished watching Buffy, the whole thing. I mean, I had seen it before duh but she hadn't. I cried at the season finale. Again. I need to get a life. Possibly two.
Also, I watched thd first five episodes of the new generation of Skins (the real one, not the US one), and it FUCKING SUCKS. The characters are lame and there is like no gay sex. After Naomi/Emily, they can't just leave us high and dry without any teenage lesbian love. OMG I am going to jail. At least the main character is a girl and she dresses awesome. Mini LaRoux.

"What?! I don't have a type, what you say??"

In film news: The Oscars happened and it was boring and all the predicted movies/actors got all the awards and they DIDN'T MENTION Corey Haim in the dead person section. Other than that, I am currently avoiding to write a paper about auteur theory in film.

Anyway, I wrote this the other day:


Night before last

Your smell is old blood and hair
The rest of you sticky, sewn to my black sheets

You are the queen of limbs
Green under this light
You are the small child
An inconvenient body

The cracks of your lips
Dyed black by the Shiraz
Stretch in polite gesture

When what you really want to do is write poems about yourself.

You guys, WHERE did Clea Duvall go?

My teacher said it "takes no prisoners".  Annnyway, I am thinking of writing a story about my family, but that will be in Spanish. My family has this weird tendency to create its own sayings and idioms, and most of them are hilarious. Actually, more than a story, I would like to document first. The stories (fake or real) that my great-aunts tell, the anecdotes of other kids in their childhood neighborhood, the way so-and-so couldn't pronounce a certain word. It will give me something to do when I go home.

Every day is closer to graduation and I feel specially tiny.

But also, the recent news about outlawing unions and state senates passing anti-abortion laws make me a lot happy about going back to Uruguay. Specially because they are about to pass a law that would allow people to grow personal amounts of weed. Can you see my mother riding a scooter around with a personal pot delivery service?

Yeah, neither can I.


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