what the fuck, america?

I just came back from CVS pharmacy. They informed me that the medication (one of) that I take to be somewhat sane has a copay of motherfucking 45 dollars! A month. For 30 pills. I realize that Uruguay's drug prices are on the ridiculous side of cheap (3 dollars a prescription), but this is insane! It's an antidepressant! It probably costs 5 cents to make! I hate hate hate my insurance! They should die, literally, I would not be sad at all if whoever made that ridiculous decision died right now, horribly.

give it!

What the fuck, America? Birther bill? Seriously? We are going into another war right now, and you keep pestering us with that bullshit?

What the fuck, America? Cutting NPR of all its funding? Trying to shut down Planned Parenthood? We are going to have a lot more STDs running around if that happens. And orphanages will be overcrowded. More.

What the fuck, America? Trying to define rape rape? Because there is rape that is fake?

DOMA? God hates fags? Are we still homophobic? Why why why is this happening? Are we in the 50s?

What the fuck, America? 16 and pregnant? Celebrity Rehab? Sister wives? Jersey Shore? Linsday Lohan? CHARLIE SHEEN? Westboro Baptist Church?

tiger blood isn't funny, neither is the charlie sheen bullshit

well, maybe this is ok

America, you have been really good to me, and I love you. I really do.

People like these two are allowed to exist. New York is in America. The best fashion in the world exists here and you can be as flaming as a homo can be. College is here, the best education one could wish for... Burgers and coffee mugs and fast internet and every beer ever and bikers and music everywhere and a sushi place next door to an argentinean bistro and rap music and poets and television.

But, please, for your sake, just stop.

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