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I am taking a course on vampires in literature and film. It is pretty much the best course I have ever taken in my college career, cause, duh vampires! We have seen True Blood, Dracula (what the fuck happened to Copppola in the 90s?), and others. We will see The hunger, The lost boys, and Buffy. 

I don't remember Sarah Michelle Buffy having ANY tits

But! This is not about Buffy (yeahok), it's about this question one of my professors made in class yesterday about who we think is the scariest vamp. Obviously, in our day and age, our notions of vampires are varied. We have Dracula, the orig, but we also have Edward

Fuck you, Stephanie Meyer... just fuck you

Different vampires in different books/movies/TV series have different rules. Some vamps can walk in daylight, some can't. Some of them look like little glowing girls, others don't. Each 'new' vampire must denounce or embrace the rules that we already know for vampires, but they are always working from pre-conceived ideas of what vampires mean/are. 

THIS is what a bela looks like

In light of this (and, hey, look, back to Buffy), in my opinion, the scariest vampire I know is ANGELUS. Buffy tells us that the lack of soul situash is what makes him so evil once he gets a happy. But I think it's because he's a dick.

His psychological torment of Buffy is extreme, and that is, what I think, the scariest quality of the vampire: the lack of conscience paired with the desire to fuck shit up. The asshole psycopath, if you will, the desire to not only kill, but make it hurt. 

Just like some people's exes.

What do you think?

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