the most boring weekend: inspiration for the longest post

Let me tell YOU about my weekend:  

Friday: nap and then drunk. I was mean to people I care about, and did stupid shit. And then I came home and did mean things to myself. No need to get into it, but, I apologize to my friends and to myself. (If you didn't hang out with me during the weekend, you're in luck).

I don't know who took this one. Not me.

Saturday: I read what seemed to be all the pages of all the articles and books ever written, but still didn't finish my reading for this week. It's okay, I will just do what every college student does when she hasn't done all of her readings: bullshit your way through seminar, sleep during lecture. Saturday, as well, I watched two movies by Ken Russell.

The man looks like this.
Now, If you don't know Ken Russell, please go to his imdb page and check out the ratings on his movies: absolute crap. Yet, these were required for my vampire class, so I had to do it. A little sample (which leaves out all the weird nakedness and phalli everywhere. There is a dream sequence where the Virgin Mary gets raped.)

Yeah, I watched two of those: Gothic and The Lair of the White Worm (what.the.fuck). Hugh Grant is officially now a crappy actor.
After, I got a bit sentimental after reading 200 pages of Dracula. I felt inadequate, like I should have been born to a high-society family in Victorian England. Imagine! I would have wrecked their shit up. You know, in style, à la Oscar Wilde. Without the dying alone and penniless in exile.

fucking gangsta

Sunday: I cleaned my room. I actually got down on my knees and vacuumed between the wood floor boards. I grabbed my FABULOSO, and, true to its name, it fabulously cleaned the beer gunk on my floor (after much scrubbing). I felt so proletariat. But then I decided that was probably not PC, so I stopped.

This was literally me. Also, go check out hyperbole and a half
I also watched Buffy with jwife too, and got all scared/excited at the uber-vamp of season 7. We both have blue balls about Spuffy not getting it on (anymore).

Please Joss, pleeeeease!

After, more homework about something something something in communist film theory, about motion, about the "endless" and "sublime" quality of film. Needless to say, after many underlinings of every paragraph, I don't know what the fuck I read about.

While watching the Grammys I wanted to throw something at the TV,  preferably something pointy. Lady Antebellum can suck my dildo. BUT! La Roux (my girlfriend) got Best Dance Record! Which she totally deserves, that album is a conceptual masterpiece, go fuck yourself if you don't like it.


That's... it? Pretty much the most boring weekend ever, but I was hella productive, the most I have been in weeks upon months.

Happy Valentine's Day! If you care about this crap. (I made a card for jwife that says, quite wittily: "You make my... nipples all pointy!!!" With a picture of boobs)

Edit: Jesus, I just re-read this and I had so freaking many spelling mistakes! Oops.

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