hallo again!

you guys a new blog! i know you missed me.
anyway, i would like to talk about what i will do tonight: drink lotsa wine and watch buffy. me and Jwife have been watching all of buffy since classes began in september. we are now at episode 7, season 7.

reason to watch buffy número uno
i swear to (?), i would go straight for spike any day of the week. not the actor, for some reason, who by the way just got married. MOVING ON!
after finding out today that i will probably get kicked out of the states the day after i graduate, i decided to drink wine, oh so much wine!
what i have in mind (via ohfishal)
turns out that all my years living and studying here count for almost-shit. i could get a job in my field of studies and stay for a year, but who are we kidding? ain't gonna happen.

don't kick me out please (via penzerparty)

someone marry me.

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