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you guys i still have yesterday's make up all over my face. as promised, i drank wine (and other, clearer, forms of alcohol). i am now at work, trying to read a story about vampires (i seriously will be talking about this until graduation) and failing completely.

sad truth: when you google image search "vampire" the suggestion is "twilight"

 but heeeeeey, good news! uruguay is going to the olimpics! for football, which is the only thing we give any shits about. i mean, it's the only time i am actually patriotic. last world cup was ridiculous. les rompemos a todos el culo.

he literally flies
 y sin hacer un big deal de esto, pero el ruso perez es dueño de mi corazón.

en fin, today in potery, we talked about how different poets are relevant at different times. lorca was very important to the beats and the hippies, but now not so much. i believe it's because lorca is a poets who deals with big issues, the desperation of the masses, injustice and whatnot.

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maybe now we are more concerned with the lack of personal connections. we are a big mass of anonymous people. so, poets who are relevant now are poets who deal with the tiny, nitty-gritty stuff of the self, trying to communicate with another self. which rarely happens IRL. what do you think? i mean, all my favorite poems are love poems, because i think that's so rare today.

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maybe it's just me.

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