can i just ask you a question, miss?

In my never-ending devotion to VICE mag and their questions to random people on the street, I decided to answer their questions myself, because I am unoriginal and boring. But remember when I was in Paris and I used to write every single day? I think I want to do that again. 


Pyramid Song (download - right click, save)

Also, maybe, Hurt by either Johnny Cash or NIN (this last video is a really bizarre choice of images for this song).

Yes, somewhere not in the face or spine. I really really want to be famous. 
The Fresh Prince. 
If murdered: I would like to be hung to death and make it look like a suicide. But then my friend or lover would not believe the police and would have to gather clues as to what really happened to me. 
Otherwise, I would like to die in the cold, cold snow. 
I am trying to think if I have slept with someone *not* working class... But yeah, poor people fuck better. 
Usually a coke and a cigarette, but if possible, a Bloody Mary will take all your problems away. 
Ham + Parmesan cheese + bacon + avocados + mustard + lettuce + tomato + lemon juice + salt.
Because they gave me a bunch of money there so I could know things. Because it is the birth place of many many people I love dearly. Because it has pretty mountains and pretty deserts and nice architecture. Because great musicians sometimes come from there. Because New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle. 

I guess another reason is that pretty slutty girls come from there?

Probably everyone. Probably me. But mostly all those people who perform female genital mutilations are on top of my list. 
Mostly men. And some women. But they usually get bored very fast. 
Probably not... because if the devil exists, then god must as well. And so must heaven and hell. If I make a deal with the devil, I will go to hell after I die. But if I meet the devil, it is direct evidence that heaven exists, and, sorry, but I don't want to suffer for ALL of eternity. If I was ever offered a deal by the devil, it would turn me into a devout christian. Talk about irony!
Not great, people tend to go overboard. 
Yes. We would have done a shit ton of drugs together. 
The really real world.
I've felt them before, and I have seen them in my dreams. 
A *male* lion, because they get to sleep all fucking day. Do I see some drool there?


Heath Ledger + Julia Stiles
People who rape children. People who mutilate women. Fred Phelps. Robert Mugabe. AhmadiNejad. The People Running Fox News. 
I don't use them, I just flirt relentlessly. But my favorite one was from my friend who said: "Hey Lau, that outfit is very becoming on you. If I was on you, I'd be coming on you, too." It was gross but hilarious. 
Judging from the other day's post, crappy white female mcs. 
I don't know why, but he's so unattractive to me, he makes my skin crawl. 


Mashed potatoes at a "restaurant" in Aguas Dulces, Rocha, Uruguay. It was potato-y water. Also, anything I find someone else's hair in. 
I... don't know. 
Yes. It makes ME evil. 

Mulan, fucking with gender roles and what not. 
These two bad bitches, too.


A lot of people from my high school. Bad people, sexist people, racist people, homophobic people.
Cry for days, in all honesty. 
I would like it to be someone like Emma Stone, but, realistically, Tilda Swinton. 
Get laid, it's not a big deal. Do drugs. Do more art, write more. You have potential. Don't go to high school in the States so early. Visit your father's grave. 
Physically? When I got all these teeth pulled out. They were all fucked up and they wouldn't come out, so they had to break them before pulling the pieces out. 
I wasn't. It's part of the problem. My father once slapped me because I was being annoying. My mother didn't do anything about it. 
From the X files. 
Horrible horrible things I don't want to own up to. But everyone laughs at Mexicans jokes, right?

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