I'm not really sure what's happening but I think I'm tripping balls. I took some acid last night and like, it's still going on. I think. I'm not sure. I mean I spent like half an hour investigating my nipple piercing. That usually only takes five minutes. I seem to be fascinated by my lamp (?), and I
I really wanted to write something but I can't remember what it was.

Being polite.

If you are at a party that's in your house and you have asked a girl to play music from her ipod, that's cool because her music is better than yours anyway, but if you tell her that now your friend from Brazil will take over the ipod because she wants to see “what's in there” and something “less hip hoppy” or whatever, don't be surprised when it doesn't happen.
If you are at a bar and you are drunk and somehow we are discussing politics because it's cold and there's nothing else to do when someone tells you they don't vote or they are fascists, respect their democratic right to be those things, if you love your democracy so much, even though we all know that democracy is a lie and the captain of the ship has been killed by the unwashed crew.
Don't tease your american friends too much. They can't take it like uruguayans can. Specially males. Specially males performing masculinity and making you just a nudge uncomfortable with the way they talk about women and women's bodies while you sit there wishing you could pinpoint what is it that is making you uncomfortable even though you're supposed to be “cool” cause you're “gay”.
Expect drugs for free and demand them. Internally label anyone who doesn't have them or won't give them to you as an asshole/bitch who doesn't know how to have fun.

On the internet.

When invited to a facebook event, consider the “decline” button as decoration. The person who invited you gets a notification every time someone declines an invitation. It is considered good form to have a bunch of unanswered events hanging out on your side bar thingy.
Conversely, when you do accept to go to an event and mad people are posting on its wall, don't write a post on the thing's wall, complaining about so many notifications because of the posts on the wall because it's weirdly circular logic somehow.
Don't make rape jokes, but if you do, they better be actually funny. People really hate unfunny rape jokes. Because “unfunny” and “joke” cancel each other out. You cannot have an unfunny joke. So we're left with: “People really hate rape”, which is... yes. But whatever you do, don't defend the douche bag who just made the unfunny joke, even though he is your comedian white bro, because like, defending an unfunny offensive joke is impossible and makes you look part of the machine you are rebelling against.

Over text message.
It sucks that you'd rather hang out with them than with me. I am clearly better.
Don't let an obvious mass text ever be sent to your best friend. Ever. Write a separate text for them.
Don't assume someone wants to date you because they want to make out with you publicly. There are people whose egos need to be shattered, and you are sometimes a means to an end. I hope you enjoy the video I sent you, which is pretty much how I think you sound.

Remember this fucking movie?

I'm still really high. Radiohead is nice.

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