couples fighting

Couples fighting in the subway. I was in the train the other day. The subway cars in Stockholm are quite nice, lots of seats, there are no weird liquids or fluids.
you get seats quite often. My friend says there are weird smells but I can't smell them and I'm pretty sure they're coming from me.
Oh, couples fighting in the Subway, don't you see how lucky you are? You are both blonds and can wear skinny jeans without irony. Nobody else is paying attention to you, Swedes are too respectful/borderline autistic to notice, but I am. I am trying with no success to understand what you are fighting about.
Oh, couples fighting in the subway. Did he kiss someone else? Does she hate his mother? You fight in such a demure manner. And public transportation is the perfect setting, your audience (me) captive with no escape. The best kind of romantic comedy. Displaying your Swedish perfectness, the fact that you have someone to fight with, your bold, yet paradoxically measured, fashion choices. Will you kiss and make up in the end? Will you notice me, spying on you through the crowd and the raindrops dotting my glasses? 

So this happened today. Like two weeks ago I commented on some guy's (apparently holy) Facebook post about Obama and how he "sucks" or whatever. I said something to the effect that I thought commentary like that is not productive, unnecessarily inflammatory, and just lame. Then the "conversation" turned nastier. This guy is part of the #Occupy movement, which I totally not think is a good thing, for reasons and things. Mind you, I have seen this person not many times in my life, but we've been Facebook friends forever, I met him through a dear friend of mine. Last time I met him was over a year ago, under his insistence. He attended a college near mine. He never really bothered me, until he got #started on #occupy. He always posts pseudo political crap, like, the kind of of shit #americans who think they are relevant but aren't think is thought-provoking. Annoyed the living shit out of me. My news feed was flooded by his #occupy stuff, like "Oh I got arrested today, what a tyranny we live under!" Meanwhile, you got arrested for knowingly breaking the law. You're waisting your time, my time, the police's time, the government's time, and, less importantly, money. I do not think that is productive for fucking anyone. So, I hid his newsfeed. But somehow that comment/link about Obama popped up and I was having a shit day RE: patriarchy in general, so I responded. I guess my logic was too much for him to handle so he accused me of "not knowing anything", which is a sound argument anywhere. (I am guilty of using it sometimes, we all make mistakes.) I accused him, in turn, of not actually doing anything productive for anyone who is less fortunate than him, which, to be fair, I don't know if he does or not, but I highly doubt it. He says he #totally does and cited examples which are impossible to fact check.
The only times I have met this guy, he has been loud, obnoxious, and a weird mixture of a reactionary and a #liberal. He mansplains a lot. We hung out at Smith one time and my friends hated him. By how he treated one particular friend who somehow decided it would be a good idea to give him the time of the day, he has some #sexist issues to work through (relationships wise). Which, all tied together, lead me to believe he's full of shit.
Anyway, this complicated rant/prelude is to explain this following conversation that happened today:

He thusly responded just a couple of minutes ago, but I'm too tired to edit the picture or whatever. 

  • "If you really want to troll me on the internet go for it. Be sure to include the part where you, after not saying anything to me for years, felt the need to tell me off on my own Facebook page. Sorry if my existence upsets you, but for someone that is playing the race, sex, gender, card left and right, you certainly seem to be judging your fellow human being pretty Damn fast without asking any questions, and it seems your opinions of my life are based upon mainstream media conceptualizations... Which I would have thought would be something you, a righteous fighter of good, would be working to expose as a biased tool of the patriarchal system we live within. How dare you." (sic sic sic sic)

Apart from the excellent grammar and composition, it is funny that he says that my opinion of his life are based upon mainstream media conceptualizations  whatever he fucking means by that. It's funny because a couple of different things: I do not consume mainstream media, partly because I am not in the States, and it doesn't reach me that much. I actually am not aware of what #conceptualizations the main stream media has of #occupiers. (I also find it hilarious that he tosses around the term "mainstream media" just like the Republicans do. The term itself, what the fuck does it mean? It's one of those bullshit smoke-screen terms that rich people say and, depending of what side of the aisle they sit, the meaning changes) IF I had a conceptualization of him or his #peers influenced by media, it would be by feminist (and I would argue, not mainstream) sites like Jezebel, Autostraddle, or Feministing. These are basically all my news sources for American #happenings. 
Also funny, he seems to forget that I do know him, and I have talked to him extensively not that long ago. He is so righteous in his beliefs that he actually does not see his own privilege, yet insists all the time that he does. I wish you could see this dude, hear him speak, he is so aggressive, talks over people. As a friend said, he is an "obvious candidate for this cognitive dissonance". And not only obvious, but oblivious as well. I apparently need to engage in a war against this mainstream media thing because it's a "biased tool". How quaint! How reductive! How #black&white #americafuckyeah! The media is to blame? Oh shit, I can quit now, then. Setting aside the fact that I am a film student and I am very interested in how media works, where knowledge comes from, and the hierarchy of power that knowledge produces, I am not interested in debunking Fox News or CNN or #anyMajorNewspaper. Or whatever. Jon Stewart is my homie, but he is not the Messiah and I rather be making films. 
The dude has since unfriended me on Facebook. Like, 20 minutes ago. 


  1. I hope slandering someone over the Internet gives you much joy and a sense of accomplishment. It's noble of you to censor his name. Maybe instead of aggressive/passive aggressive responses to things which obviously perturb you, you could be a civil grown up about it and confront this person, considering this is the first he's ever heard of your complaints, isn't that what friends do? Let the trolling begin.

    1. ^^ This is the guy. Note his anonymousness. Also note: the fact that he found this blog entry within 3 hours of publication! Good job. Also note: his use of the tern #trolling, which is so 2011 and #huffingtonpost I can't even. Also note: "isn't that what friends do?" Haha probably, but I was not ever this dude's friend, at all.

      And yes, yes it does. The "slander" as you call it (even though you immediately after admitted that I censored his name, so it cannot possibly be slander? I also never insulted him, warned him this was going to be on "the internetz, son" and he said "go ahead" sooooooo) gives me great joy because I have been laughing about this for the past 12 hours and it makes me look hella smart and funny.

  2. Hey anonymous good will samaritan troller, come down to Uruguay and do free doctor/community organization shit, we probably need it more than whatever part of the first world you're in!